Expedia | Borneo Jazz Music Festival 2016 Pre-Event

Pre-Event: Planting Trees

Borneo is a massive island that is one of the rarest remaining areas of such rich biodiversity and lush rainforests. The Borneo Jazz Festival not only celebrates music, but also educates people about Borneo’s ecological significance and invites them to contribute. I was lucky enough to attend the Pre-Event activity where I planted a tree in the Piausau Nature Reserve. Quite a big deal for a city kid! I’m very honoured to have done my tiny little bit.

Here I am with the Cuban musicians, planting a tree 🙂

Planting trees in Piausau, with the Cuban musicians

Pre-Event: Local BBQ

Satay, laksa, sambal udang, kebabs…. All sorts of delicious food served outdoors in a classy BBQ at the Marriot Miri. This was such a wonderful welcome to the journalists and musicians, with a great sampling of local Sarawakian food. Mmmmmm!

Solomon Ngau played the traditional sape as guests streamed in the sun set in a beautiful display of orange and red.


In this casual setting, it was great to meet some of the musicians and hear their stories of how they got here. There was for example a band where half the original members weren’t attending the festival, so the opportunity was opened up for a young musician to travel to Borneo to play. Incredible.

I had a long chat with 2 members of Manou Gallo too, who were just lovely and it was so interesting to hear their stories.