Expedia | Borneo Jazz Festival 2016 in Miri, Sarawak

All That Jazz

Ethno jazz, Dixieland swing jazz, New Orleans jazz, rock-infused blues, progressive acid jazz, afro jazz, classical jazz, organ jazz.  That was the whole spectrum of jazz performed at this year’s Borneo Jazz Festival 2016.  I didn’t even know there was so many!  But I’m thrilled that I got to enjoy it all, skillfully performed by talented musicians from different parts of the world.  Here’s highlights of all the fun I had at the Borneo Jazz festival 2016.  If you live in Malaysia, you should definitely do it next year!


Borneo Jazz Festival 2016: It’s All About the Bass

The Borneo Jazz festival from 13-14 May 2016 was a music-filled weekend in Miri, featuring 8 bands over 2 days. The bands came from Malaysia to Poland, bringing a whole myriad of culturally-influenced music. In fact, the bands themselves already had a mix of genders and nationalities, leading to an interesting colourization of their music.

“It’s all about the bass this year,” said the artistic director about the lineup for the 2016 Borneo Jazz Festival. Indeed it was. Most notably from Manou Gallo & The Groove Orchestra, a band fronted by the outstanding female bassist from Ivory Coast.

I was also impressed to learn that the Cuban band, needing a replacement bass player for their gig here, filled those shoes with a talented young bass player who had won a scholarship for his outstanding bass skills.