The Borneo Jazz Talent Search is a platform to provide musicians between the ages of 15 years and above from all over Malaysia, who wants to make their talent known on the world stage with categories for Jazz, DJ and Open categories.

FAB LAB aims to empower and enliven musicians prior to Borneo Jazz festival through four workshops, namely Music Appreciation – Listen and Make It Your Own; Methodology – How to FEEL Free Playing Music; Sound Engineering- Make It Sound Good!; and Performance Module- Let’s Play.

FAB LAB will be led by two (2) international musicians, Chris Stalk, a saxophonist, composer and arranger from France and Jules Vulzor, a bassist, producer and DJ from Switzerland.

ECO DRUM JAM is an eco-friendly initiative and community music outreach programme with Lewis Pragasam and FAB LAB artists at Coco Cabana to create unique drums and percussion instruments from recycling waste and to produce feel-good beats from community drumming sessions as a lead up to Borneo Jazz Festival 2022.

  1. Borneo Jazz FAB LAB / Talent Search Masterclass with the Pros:
    (June 24, 2pm – 3.45pm)
  2. Borneo Jazz FAB LAB / Talent Search Showcase Performance:
    (June 25, 4pm – 5.30pm)
  3. Eco Drum Workshop & Jam with Lewis Pragasam & Steve Thornton:
    (June 26, 3.30pm – 5.30pm)
  1. Sun Meditation & Yin Yoga Flow with Sape Accompaniment (8.00am- 9.30am)
  2. Social Experiments on Human Connection: Eye Contact in Silence, Mirror Work Join us for a 15-mins experience to engage in meaningful human connection and a shared sense of humanity (9.30am – 11.30am)
  3. Recharge Station: A quiet space where people can meditate while listening to sounds of nature and or/sounds of Sape to recharge.

The bazaar will feature Sarawak’s basketry and beads. Visitors will also have the chance to witness the Batik Painting demonstration by Miri-based artist, Noel Belulok. There will also be a Tattoo Gallery featuring Miri tattoo artists.

An Eco-Art Installation project in collaboration with Miri City Council and MYY Living Arts as a continuation of the Borneo Jazz Beat Plastic Campaign initiated in 2019 as part of the Borneo Jazz festival ‘Responsible Tourism’ programme to transform Miri to a sustainable and eco-friendly city. Themed ‘Trashing the Jungle’, this is a reminder that the plastics that make our lives convenient also choke and pollute our natural environment through our own actions. The objective of this eco-project is to re-purpose recyclable plastic waste and making art with it.

The exhibition will consist of four different boat lutes from Borneo island to be showcased physically (Sape ting dua, Sundatang, Tapi, Kecapi). Workshop and informative talks by two practitioners on the boat lute processes and sounds.

For the first time at the coming Borneo Jazz Festival 2022, the story & the evolution of the Sape’ will be dramatised through live Sape’ instrumentals performed by professional Sape’ artistes from the Sape’ Movement (Miri) community.

This 30 minutes Sape’ instrumental dramatisation is aimed to bring audiences to “travel through a legendary journey” in getting a glimpse of the beginning & evolution of Borneo’s prized & once known to be a “spiritually soul healing” instrument. Estimating between 12 to 15 young & senior Sape’ Masters from various native ethnicity will collectively perform various Sape’ genres & songs.

The Sape Movement performance will be arranged by Mr Anderson Kalang & Mr Garry Sudom Raymond, who were among the co-founders of KL Sape’ Collective (the first network of Sape’ artistes based in Kuala Lumpur est. in mid 2016).

As the official airline partner for Borneo Jazz festival, Malaysia Airlines and supported by its sister company Firefly will offer attractive deals of up to 15% discount on flights from Peninsular Malaysia, London, Australia and some ASEAN destinations to cities in Sarawak. Firefly will fly passengers from Penang to Kuching via its jet operations.

To enjoy the discount, music lovers joining the Borneo Jazz festival must insert a unique promo code (BORNEO22) between 25 April 2022 and 15 May 2022 for travels between 1 and 30 June 2022 to enjoy significant savings. These deals are available exclusively for those who purchase the normal pass to Borneo Jazz festival through the airline’s respective websites.