FVE project BJF2012

FVE Project

Country: Malaysia
Website: http://https://www.facebook.com/FVEproject

F.V.E. Project is a fairly young Kuala Lumpur-based band comprising of five fresh, young musicians, all of whom were independently experienced well before the band was formed. Influenced by the sounds from the likes of Soulive, Robert Glasper, Lettuce, etc., F.V.E. Project was formed in mid-2011by jazz pianist Timoth Toh, RnB guitarist Dean Sim, funky bassman Feri Lau and drum Omar Ibrahim at a local music college where all four pursued their music degree, recruiting smooth crooner Jeffny Kamar on saxophone shortly after.

Having been made up of young but experienced musicians, F.V.E. Project has since performed at venues and events around Kuala Lumpur, e.g. local art gallery Annexe Gallery, TTDI Jazz Community, Italian-restaurant-cummusicians- hub Nero Fico, Ambon Jazz Plus Festival(Indonesia) and many more.


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