Gideon Yogan


Having grown up a choir boy and church musician, Gideon Yogan has swiftly earned his place in the local music industry over the past year since his debut. Drawing his inspiration from a diverse variety of artistes like Victor Wooten, Michael Jackson and Marcus Miller, 28 year old Gideon Yogan considers the fusion and funk genre to be his forté. His career highlights include the Penang Jazz Festival 2013, Publika Jazz Festival 2015, 2016 and 2018, Penang Celebrates Christmas With Jazz 2018 with Aubrey Suwito and Friends and The Last Altimet Show 2019 as well as international stints in Cambodia (Phnom Penh), South Korea (Gangnam), Indonesia (Bali), England (RichMix London) and United States of America (SXSW Texas).