“Her powerful voice is characterized by superb diction…heartfelt intonation…and often aching beauty.”

All About Jazz

With feet rooted in gospel, a heart filled with soul, and a voice touched with jazz, singer and songwriter Chanda Rule has been weaving stories through song, humming melodies, and bending words since her childhood. Gracefully mesmerizing audiences nationally and internationally, Chanda’s genre-defying voice has been featured in a variety of musical projects: from her latest album “Sapphire Dreams” recorded with the legendary pianist Kirk Lightsey, “Feeling Good: A Tribute to Nina Simone” where she sang along side sax powerhouse Donny McCaslin, to appearing as a featured vocalist on ARTE Concert, Ö1 Jazznacht and ORF’s Dancing Stars.

“Rising up from the overcrowded and often clichéd vocal scene in jazz, Chanda Rule is truly a breath that, once taken in, could sustain your life.” Cicily Janus, The New Face of Jazz, Billboard Books

A published writer, ordained interfaith minister and speaker who also uses her music for community building and liturgy, Chanda lives by her convistion that music has the ability to heal like medicine and can bring people from different worlds together.

Chanda’s Langston Hughes inspired concert series, “I Too Speak of a River,” was granted the Harlem Stage Fund for New Works, and “Listening to Roots and Voicing Branches,” a multimedia theater piece she penned and performed with recording artist Somi was presented in New York’s Apollo Salon Featured New Works Series and Lincoln Center.

On her new CD Sapphire Dreams (PAO-Records), Chanda reveals the whole range of her amazing abilities. A more beautiful and matured voice could not be found anywhere at the moment.

“I could listen to this lady all day…” George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly”