BRASSBALLETT – a brass music revolution!

Brassballett is the first and the only show worldwide, where musicians are dancers at the same time! The artist perform a choreographed dance show on stage, while they play their instruments live! Brassballett is a revolution in instrumental music, a whole new genre!

The idea of this new show concept came to the mind of bandleader Wassilij Goronbecauseof his experiences as a professional trombone player with many different ensembles – all those bands were great when it came to musical skills, but the show was always the same. Musicians sitting or standing on stage, mostly hidden behind their music stands and without direct contact to the audience. That wasn’t enough for Wassilij, who as a passionate dancer himself had this desire to create a show where the instrumentalistscan present themselves self confidently as the central element of the show. He had the vision of musicians that are dancing and are in the centre of attention.

The result is a music show where the audience gets everything they ever wanted from music – without the decision between musicians or dancers, listening or watching, dance theatre or concert. The result is the Brassballett Music Show!

The show has ist own incomparable style. The pieces which the dancing musicians perform are popular songs from different genres like jazz, funk, pop, latin and even classical music. All of them are arranged in a new style and combined with dance styles like hip hop, street style or salsa.

Founded in 2011, Brassballett was already invited to many international jazz festivals and various theatres to perform their incomparable show and surprise audiences all across Europe!

Until today there is no comparable music show worldwide.

Brassballett is a must-see.

Photo Gallery:

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