Asyraf Hardy pursued music from the age of 16, and had his first performance with a group called The Ruthless. It was not until 2003 when his music career officially began, where he joined Da Last Matazz. Hardy and members of Da Last Matazz took the opportunity in bringing another producer to join the group when their former producer left to further his studies. From then on MCs In Xtion (M.I.X) was born.

He went on to perform around Sarawak and recorded a few songs with MCs In Xtion (M.I.X), then in 2012 Asyraf Hardy went on to work with Dedeq Faz and renowned guitarist & producer, Adruce Azman from Sonar Instinct. Hardy has since pursued his musical career and is creating a vast amount of buzz within the music scene by becoming a Jazz, Hip Hop, Soul and Rock fusion artist.