travelblog.expedia | Borneo Jazz Festival 2017: A Non-Atas Musical Launchpad into Sarawak Adventures

Wait, wait, wait, don’t turn your nose up at the mention of jazz! This isn’t a gown-and-champagne uppity jazz festival reserved for ‘atas’ people who are best friends with Yo-Yo Ma. In fact, I was surprised to learn that ‘jazz’ is far more diverse and inclusive than I’d realised. And funner! You CAN attend this thing even if you’re not a big jazz aficionado. I’m definitely no expert and I had a good time.

“If  ‘what is jazz?’  is the eternal question, then Borneo Jazz seeks to be the adventure in looking for the musical solution” 

It’s not all Norah Jones slow crooning and feeling-feeling piano tunes to be enjoyed between petite bites of fancy canapes. At no point was the tooting-and-tromboning excessive enough to make me wish I could slink away into an edgy club (where I actually know the words, and can break it down on the dancefloor).  Nor was it hours of listening to romantic ballads reminding me there’s no Michael Buble in my life professing his undying love to me, thus causing me to cry a drip-drip of salty flavouring into my champagne flute.

Naw. The range of music at this festival was actually pretty good fun my friends. And it’s very laidback so all are welcome.

Alone, it’s a small event. But wrap your holiday in Sarawak around the festival and it makes for a great trip! The Borneo Jazz Festival is a great launchpad for adventures in Sarawak. Start off with some chilled-out fun at the fest, make some friends, then go Bear Grylls it out in the lush nature of Sarawak.