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West Jazz Band

Country: Malaysia

Fusion Jazz.

West Jazz Band is from Sarawak, Malaysia.

Founded by Eugene Clifford and Sahfri bin Mustapha.

They play everything from Swing to Latin to electrifying Funk.

A talented foundation and a special gift only from Sarawak. The Westjazz was founded by Eugene Clifford and Sahfri since 2005. This Freelance Band was produced from various cultures and later formed together to perform and entertain all music repertoire. From the “Hot Latin Rhythms”, to the “Swing Jazz Era” and Electrifying “Funky Rhythms”, the band is always ready to jam with excitement and entertain with pleasure. The members of the Westjazz have been around as sessionists and though with musical potential, the members are currently working as civilians, where as some,are working as full time musicians and teachers. Westjazz have indeed been made from all walks of life and have been united together to share the love and passion for music everywhere, any place, anytime.

The Westjazz have catered to many performances, functions and events throughout Malaysia and with its special package, the Westjazz can perform versatility starting from a duo, trio, quartet to a full band or a big band ensemble with a vocal solo or vocal duo.

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