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Expedia | Borneo Jazz Festival 2016 in Miri, Sarawak

All That Jazz Ethno jazz, Dixieland swing jazz, New Orleans jazz, rock-infused blues, progressive acid jazz, afro jazz, classical jazz, organ jazz. That was the whole spectrum of jazz performed at this year’s Borneo Jazz Festival 2016. I didn’t even know there was so many! But I’m thrilled that I got ...
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Expedia | Borneo Jazz Music Festival 2016 Pre-Event

Pre-Event: Planting Trees Borneo is a massive island that is one of the rarest remaining areas of such rich biodiversity and lush rainforests. The Borneo Jazz Festival not only celebrates music, but also educates people about Borneo’s ecological significance and invites them to contribute. I was lucky enough to attend the Pre-Event ...
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